Hey Babes! :)

Happy Friday – what a week it has been….I am so glad it is finally being wrapped up.

Do you all have any fun plans for the weekend? I am about to spend it with my family and go to a few events as well. It should be awesome :)

So in today’s post I am sharing a series of images I actually shot in Miami while we were staying at Eden Roc, but I never got to show you this look. This is actually one of my favorite looks I wore while we were there. When its HUMID outside, you really wanna look for a comfortable dress thats stylish but also made of breathable fabrics.

Lets also talk about the blue stripes…ladies, any type of vertical stripes will make you look TALLER and slimmer. So of course, I am all about this look!

This dress is also super classic yet retro, and just has such a fun vibe to it. I actually just posted a photo on instagram, and so many of you messaged me on where to find it! So of course I had to do a post for you guys :)

Its different from anything I have ever worn, but I like its unique style and it literally made me feel like a DOLL! 

I think you ladies will want to try out this dress if you are looking for a change. Its also flattering and the blue print is so calming.

When I look at this dress, I just miss our times in Miami! If you did not check out my previous Miami post which covers details on everything we did , please check it out here babes.

I paired this dress from Adelyn Rae (find similar dresses  HERE and HERE) with these beautiful Schutz Shoes heels. (you can get similar ones HERE) They are a nude color so they can go well with so many great looks. I also wore a pair of sunnies from Urban Outfitters. Get yours here, they are always reasonably priced and chic !

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this short yet sweet post! Hope you all shop the look and found some inspiration with this gorgeous look :)