Hi Babes :)

Its good to see you guys on the blog again. These past few weeks have been a whirlwind and I have literally been everywhere!

I am currently in NYC for some work related projects and I am heading back to LA tomorrow morning so I thought this would be a great time to catch you all up :).

I was in Miami earlier this week (as you saw on instagram stories and snapchat). It was my first time in Miami and I have got to say it was a total blast!

I invited my dad to join me on this trip and we stayed at Eden Roc Resort. 

This resort is mind blowing – definitely stay here if you want to have an amazing experience in Miami. You can easily just spend your whole time in Miami here but we decided to explore outside of the resort as well :).

Eden Roc is located on Miami Beach and its a prime destination with such a captivating vibe. It is a vivacious mix of modern and classical vibe, and we truly had a one of a kind experience.

This resort surpassed my expectations….like seriously take me back!

It was pure BLISS to see the magical views from the 20th floor. The suite we stayed in was extremely spacious and had perfect lighting for selfies. Another nice touch is how they had C.O Bigelow Products in their bathroom. Those are my favorite!

We had an amazing balcony that provided a gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean, Miami Bay, and city skyline. I could not take enough photos of this spot ;).

The entire resort is beautifully situated on South Beach. There is an array of things to do and see – you can seriously never be bored. There are top restaurants, a calming spa, gym, boutiques, the BEACH itself etc. all on the property. Also, it was convenient to have a Starbucks right inside the resort so we could be energized every morning.

We tried out Splash at Malibu Farm  which I am craving even right now. We had the cauliflower crust Pizza, cocktails, caesar Salad and blue corn nachos. I love this place because its so healthy and made with all natural ingredients. Its also absolutely delicious so I highly recommend.

The spa at Eden Roc is definitely worth a visit. This is not your basic spa! Each detail and corner is so pretty that I just had to take some photos.

I had a Swedish Massage done and it was seriously just what I needed. The aesthetic of the entire place is so instagram worthy and its complete with plant based showers and steam rooms so get ready to be pampered. They also had an assortment of teas and snacks in their spa waiting room. It was the perfect day filled with relaxation and unwinding from the world!

The water at the actual beach was WARM! What a surprise. As a California girl, I was so impressed by the beaches. They were so vast and beautiful. I usually do not even go to the beach but I was tempted to take a dip in the pristine waters in Miami.

We did some more exploring outside the resort. We went shopping at the Coconut Grove area – which is seriously a lovely place. I had to buy some new pieces so I had to fit in a much needed shopping day. Of course, I had to stop by at Nordstroms.

We also had brunch at Green Street Cafe. It was laid back and they had so many choices. I ordered an almond milk iced latte with gluten free pasta. It did not disappoint!

Now that we are talking brunch, I also recommend you go check out The Local House which is part of Sense Beach House.

We tried the avocado toast with poached eggs, watermelon juice, and some more delectable dishes. I highly recommend this place and appreciated the quick service too.

Another awesome place you have to visit in Miami is the Wynwood Walls.  The Wynwood Walls is a signature place in Miami where they honor street art and graffiti. You will be impressed with its uniqueness and creativity. There are over 50 artists that are being represented and 16 countries on over 80,000 square feet of walls.

The one thing I found so challenging in Miami was the weather. I was definitely not use to the humidity. I would bring bright colored summer clothing, rose water mist, sunscreen, and a hat, for starters. You really want to feel refreshed all the time. Also, be sure to drink a lot of water!

We also wanted to visit Key West or the Everglades during this trip but we could not make it. There are tours available from Miami if you are interested in exploring more of Florida :).

You guys, I’m seriously looking forward to another Miami trip. I really want to take my mom next time. I definitely enjoyed my experience in this new city! Until next time ;).

Have any of you been to Miami ? What was your favorite place? If not , I hope this travel guide helps you out on planning your next trip!

Thanks for reading. :)