Hey Beauties :)

Some trends come and go yet I never jump on the train but the SLIP DRESS one is something I wanted to experiment with.

After all, there’s something so awesome about just putting one piece on and then calling it a day . Its also so comfortable and low maintenance. Major yes in my book.

You all know I love my DRESSES – because who can say no to versatility and variety? Well not me, not me for sure ;)

So I though today’s post would familiarize you all with how to rock a slip dress since I know it can be overwhelming to wear one but still look CHIC.

  1. Try to layer it up! Wear a classic leather jacket on top. This will be such an edgy look and something different. You could even wear the jacket off the shoulder style because I know thats on trend right now and won’t take away attention from your slip dress.
  2. Accessorizing is key! What shoes do you wanna wear? Well, for me, I’d recommend going with some cute heels. Maybe go with lace ups or pointy toed ones – depending on your vibe and mood.
  3. Bring out the tees! Dare to be different? Well wear a tee and then put your slip dress on. Its been a winning trend all summer long but I get it, its not for everyone ;)
  4. Wear denim underneath your slip dress! The mix of textures will look great and it would go perfectly with some loafers.
  5. Consider wearing a floral or printed slip dress. This allows for more options and creativity instead of just keeping things plain with a solid color :)
  6. Give your outfit some structure . Are you petite? Are you curvy? Well grab a belt and give this dress some shape because they can be free flowing. Trust me, this will make it so much easier to wear.

I hope these tips help you all out! I noticed HM has some adorable slip dresses that are to die for. Be sure to shop them HERE, (LESS THAN 20 BUCKS, OMG) here, (LESS THAN 40 BUCKS) and here. (LESS THAN 30 BUCKS)

Hope you all have a lovely day and talk to you soon!

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