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Hey Babes!

I am so EXCITED to write this post for you guys because it has been so hard to redecorate my new bedroom and make it a perfect space. I have literally searched online, at stores, and asked fellow blogger friends about which brands I should explore.

I love interior design, decorating, and all that jazz – but when I am doing it for my own place – its a NIGHTMARE! I am so picky, and I feel like giving up because I just want everything to look amazing. I am no expert and lets just say I do not have a ton of patience either.

I have a busy life, and I try to declutter but lets be real, my room turns into a hot mess every time I try to get ready for a shoot, you know how it is being a blogger ;)

Anyways, I was so happy to be introduced to the brand Boll & Branch recently.

The best part about choosing my bedding was how convenient the site was to use. Literally. It was perfect for a newbie like me.

They even had Style Guide so you could use some featured looks for inspiration. I cannot tell you how much this helped me in choosing my bedding!

Boll & Branch is so unique because all the bedding is made of organic cotton and its even eco friendly. I honestly feel like this brand was made for me. You all know how crazy I go over every little organic thing. Having my bedding organic is onto the next level and I am happy about that . 

After all, our room is a peaceful haven where we spend so much time and thought so making sure we are sleeping in the best quality bedding is so important.

Boll & Branch is authentic, chemical free, and pure so you can sleep at night knowing your bedding is of the best quality.

I also love how Boll & Branch gives amazing opportunities to farmers and allows them to cultivate cotton textiles.

Each piece is so detailed and made especially with every little thread in mind. I just love a company that knows how to give back and also produce a great product.

So basically, I am sharing series of images in today’s post with my new Boll & Branch bedding! I have been so stoked to share this with you guys, and I really hope you love it :)

Even my puppy Aliya likes the bedding because you know I always need her seal of approval, lol!

I decided to go with the Grey Expectations theme in my room. The exact items I used are the Banded Sham and the Banded Duvet Cover and of course the Pillowcase Set.

You can tell I wanted to keep my space comfortable yet still chic. I chose these grey neutral tones because they look great against my pink headboard. It offers an amazing feminine vibe to my bed room. I also went with the Fitted Sheets . My room would not be complete with the super cozy Cable Knit Throw so I had to snag this too! This has been a huge favorite on my instagram already :).

Happy Shopping Loves! Be sure to check out Boll & Branch for some awesome bedding , you will not be disappointed!

Alright babes, thats it for today’s post. Comment below and let me know what you think about my room transformation? Xoxo!



Thank you to Boll & Branch, a brand I sincerely love for partnering with me on this post and thank you for supporting brands that make Saffron on Rose a reality.