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Hey Babes,

Happy Friday!

This week and month has had me thinking about life and my decisions more and more.

I have doubted myself. I have had small wins, and I have had those hard moments where I just feel lost.

I think its natural for all of us to feel that way as long as we don’t dig our selves into a black hole.

Some things I am trying to do to be more optimistic and energetic about life include:

  1. Working out (Whether its a little brisk walk , a workout sesh at Equinox, a class at Soul Cycle, or my recent favorite – hiking) I am trying to be more active and get my endorphins going. This has actually helped me be in a better mood and get some much needed sleep.
  2. Make to do lists, but do not overwhelm myself. I would make 10 endless to do lists on my phone before which was making me go insane, so I decided to get out a good old piece of paper and pen, and write everything down instead. This has helped me be more clear and understand what my goals are for the day.
  3. Decide outfits a night before. I am almost always running late and because my job revolves around dressing up well for meetings and events, this has helped me be more organized in general.
  4. Wake up early! Wow.. this is surprising for a night owl like me but yes it has helped me get more productive and kickstart my day. Even when I am down or depressed, I feel better because I am outside and in the sunlight, rather than sleeping my day away and running away from my problems.
  5. Face MASKS! All the time. Yes, at least once a day because it helps me release my stress and pamper myself. When you look good, you feel good right?

I hope these tips help you ! They have really helped me transform my life so far and I know if I am consistent, they will help me even more :) Let me know how they work for you too.

And now onto the look:

These images were taken in Hollywood, and I shot them with Felicia . I felt so confident in these stripes and they instantly slimmed me down. I am loving this two piece set from Zara.¬†Here is a similar set. And here’s another: HERE.¬†These Forever 21 boots are a favorite too, and these ones too. They are so inexpensive but bring such a pop of color to the look.

I am all about stripes these days. Sorry, I can’t stop, they just look so good and even make me look taller, hehe.

Anyways , hope you guys enjoyed this post! Please let me know what you think. Would love to hear your feedback as always.