Hi Lovelies!

I cannot wait to share this post and tell you about my Dog Mom Truth. As Aliya’s parent, I know she is a picky eater, so we have to often feed her with a spoon. Aliya is spoiled but in the best way possible. She brings so much joy to our lives so going out of my way to feed her is not a problem but its a dog mom truth I have to share with you!

What is your Dog Mom Truth? I would love to know!

And now I am so excited to share Supreme Source® with you because so many of you are fellow pet owners just like me! So many of you message me about Aliya and for advise on how to take good care of a puppy.

For those of you who are new here, I have a adorable puppy named Aliya who is 3 years old and she is my life. She is white and furry, and has the most beautiful face. She is so kind and loving, and is a half terrier and chihuahua. I love her to death and I always want the best for her! I know keeping her healthy requires maintaining a strict diet, lots of water, and long walks. 

I was elated when I found out about Supreme Source® which is a grain free dog and cat food that is filled with vitamins, protein, and antioxidants. Aliya is extremely sensitive to most foods and has a bad stomach (especially while traveling), so its essential for us to nourish her with the best food. I trust Supreme Source®  because it is not artificial and its made with the best ingredients in mind for my pet. Its also available nation wide and online at so I highly recommend you check it out if your pet needs to switch out some food options.

Its also made with no corn, no wheat,  and no soy which I am especially thankful for. I never want to feed Aliya anything that could be potentially harmful to her health. Its made in America and with the finest ingredients.  They are also a family owned business, so I especially love supporting them.

They have dog food, dog treats, cat food and cat treats.

You guys have all seen my insta stories, and see what a little diva Aliya is! She will not eat food and refuse it at most times, but with Supreme Source, she jumps with joy! This girl loves the treats especially and cannot stop wagging her tail in anticipation.

As a dog mom, I love seeing Aliya happy and in a good mood, and it makes me even more excited to know she is eating well.

I always want the best for my pet, and I know that you all do also, so you have to check out Supreme Source. I highly recommend it and have had great experiences with feeding it to Aliya.

Can’t wait to hear your feedback and if you have tried Supreme Source before. Be sure to comment below and let me know!

Talk to you soon!


Thank you to Supreme Source for sponsoring this post and thank you for supporting brands that make Saffron on Rose a reality.