Hi Loves,

I am so excited to partner with Dr Pepper on this campaign because it’s the perfect summer beverage that I have been drinking since I was young. I love grabbing a refreshing can of Dr Pepper when it gets hot in LA and sharing its magic with my friends. Ever since I was little, I would go on picnics with my family to Santa Cruz and we would always take Dr Pepper with us!  I have fond memories of enjoying time with my grandma and drinking Dr Pepper at the beach!

It was a family tradition and even now as a young adult I am continuing the tradition.

The good news is you can get Dr Pepper at your local Walmart and they even have designed special packaging made by millennials, for millennials.

It’s so special to me because I am a millennial myself and I love how this packaging is made by people like me. It represents our generation and I love how a lot of the cans are so colorful! They’re super creative and scream summertime vibes – so they’re perfect for your next gathering or even just for a movie night.

With my busy schedule and constantly working, I like to take every opportunity to hang out with my friends and make sweet summer memories. It’s always nice to indulge once in a while and take a break from our daily worries. I love to relax with a can of Dr Pepper and a hot slice of pizza. The cool refreshing drink pairs so well with a piece of cheesy pizza. I am craving it as we speak because there is literally nothing better and enjoying summer to the fullest is one of my goals for this year. It’s been a challenging one and I look forward to connecting with my loved ones when we all have time off and sharing special stories about our lives and talking about our upcoming goals. Dr Pepper makes it easy for me to enjoy precious time with my friends and family this summer.

You can purchase these cans of Dr Pepper at Walmart and find the unique packing too which will be in stores through 8/15/18.

PS. You can win a special prize by going to: http://www.drpepper.com/walmart

When you buy Dr Pepper now-8/15 this summer, you can upload your receipt here to get the prize featured in my blog here and/or other prizes like:

Spend $5 get 5 points = Dr Pepper Retro Specs

Spend $10 get 10 points = Dr Pepper Copper Lined Mug

Spend $20 get 20 points= Dr Pepper Bluetooth Speakers

Spend $30 get 30 points = Dr Pepper Pool Float

So will you be joining me for summer fun and drinking Dr Pepper this summer too? I know you can’t wait to win an amazing prize from Dr Pepper!

Let me know in the comments below.

Looking forward to chatting with you guys :)



This post is sponsored by Dr. Pepper (a brand I sincerely love). Thank you to brands that make Saffron on Rose possible.