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Hi Babes!

Happy 4th of July :) Hope you are having an amazing time with your friends and family on this American holiday!

Today’s post makes a lot of sense because I have so much pride for my country and am so blessed to live in the US. You all know that I do many international travels, but I honestly have not explored the US as much as I would like to!

I am partnering with Jetsetter for my next trip which is a website that offers exclusive hotel details, gorgeous imagery, and amazing travel advice. I will be exploring the beautiful and historic state of South Carolina. South Carolina has always fascinated me, ever since I read about it in high school history books. I want to visit this charming location and discover all its hidden gems so I decided to make a Wanderlist to pin some inspiration for my upcoming trip.

A Wanderlist is a useful feature you can access on Jetsetter’s website. It lets you browse through beautiful photos of exotic locations all over the world and you can pin them to your own board. I have created a Wanderlist and I have titled it “South Carolina Travel Inspo”. 

This tool is so easy to use and its also a fun time. It is getting me so excited about my trip to South Carolina and it is making it simple to plan the highlights of my upcoming vacation.

You can check out my Wanderlist here and create your own for your next getaway.

Some of the top places I want to explore during my South Carolina trip include Myrtle Beach, Pages Okra Grill, and Sea Pines Forest Preserve.

Myrtle Beach is a city and vacation resort located in Grand Strand which is made up of a 60 mile string of beaches. It is known for its boardwalk with arcades and souvenir shops. It also has one of the tallest ferris wheels in the entire country. This looks like a interesting place to visit during my upcoming adventure to South Carolina.

Pages Okra Grill  sounds like a fantastic place to have a meal and since I am such a foodie, I have to check it out. They have numerous Southern favorites like grits and fried green tomatoes so I am looking forward to try it out. I was also happy to see quite a few vegetarian options on the menu which is always a plus for me!

Another place that looks perfect for a nature lover like me, has to be the Sea Pines Forest Preserve.   

The Sea Pines Forest Preserve is filled with sand ridges, maritime forest, and long wetlands and ponds. It also has a long and unique history which is still being uncovered today. Its the best spot to take a leisurely walk and explore the culture of this scenic place. This magical place has natural terrain and an impressive 605 acres of land.  Nomadic Native Americans from over 5000 years ago even left there mark here. I am seriously looking forward to explore this historically rich spot and get a breathe of fresh air too.

Stay tuned for my South Carolina trip! If you have been there, please leave me a comment and tell me your recommendations.

Hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check out Jetsetter and its new Wanderlist feature before planning your next travels!

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