Hi Babes!

Mustard yellow is such an interesting color. Its one that people just tend to LOVE or HATE. I for one was so skeptical about wearing it because lets be real – it is so bold. I thought I wasn’t ready to rock it and that I would look like a weirdo but that’s not what happened.

The truth is its all in our heads.

Its about confidence. You can wear anything you want to and rock it. If you believe in yourself, it will look amazing. Well, don’t go around wearing a plastic bag LOL.

But you get the point!

Anyways, this whole outfit is from Zara. I have never been Zara obsessed but I recently found some cute and chic items from there so I have been shopping there more.

I just adore this mustard yellow skirt! Pair it with a black top like I did or get creative and wear patterned blouse. Its up to you.

I felt like a bumble bee, hehe. But I have noticed how many comments and messages I got from you guys just RAVING about this look.

You can shop this black top here. I wear it almost everyday. I think I need like 10 of these. They are so flattering. Goodbye tummy, hehe.

Also, you can find the skirt right over here.

Oh and the shoes are right here, babes. (Similar ones)

Happy Shopping Loves! I can’t wait to chat with you in the comments below!



PC: Felicia Lasala