Hey Beauties !

One of the first things people notice about me  when I step in a room is how I smell. Everyone always compliments me and asks me what perfume I am wearing! I take this as a major compliment, because I strive to always be well dressed and wear the best scents.

So in celebration of National Fragrance Day, I am so excited to present to you my current favorite perfume: The Aura Mugler Fragrance. I was recently introduced to the Aura Mugler Fragrance and it truly matches my feminine vibes. It has a floral freshness to it that makes you feel so bold and confident. Even its packaging, is one of a kind and comes in an emerald color. Its also heart shaped, honestly, those little details just win me over!

But most importantly, it has a distinct smell. I am the type of girl who always has a perfume in my bag –  whether I am going to the gym, the mall, or the market. I absolutely have to carry my one essential – which is perfume. But not just any perfume – I want one that smells unique.

I know that I will be using this scent more and more – because I have already been getting so many compliments.  It automatically puts me in a good mood and makes me confident enough to walk up to someone new to say hello! Seriously, a great fragrance can make such a difference and thats why I never leave my house without spraying myself from head to toe.

I encourage you ladies to try it out as well, because you feel empowered with its enchanting scent.

Thank you for reading, and please comment below letting me know if you have tried it yet?

PS I noticed on my instagram many of you commented and said you were a fan of the fragrance as well so thats awesome to hear :)



Thank you to Mugler Official for sponsoring this post and thank you for supporting brands that make Saffron on Rose a reality.