Hey Lovelies!

One signature piece in my everyday outfit has to be my SUNNIES! They always have my back when I don’t want to wear make up or when I don’t get enough sleep ;).

One of the most common questions I get is which shades do I buy!?

Well, I’m here to answer that for you but I can only tell you my favorites.

I highly suggest you buy any shades online AFTER you have tried them on in store. This is because different frames work for everyone’s face type.

I might be obsessed with a cat eye pair of sunnies – but it may not suit you!

I want to make sure you find sunnies you absolutely adore so they are worth the investment. You feel me?

Alright, lets get right into it :) Btw, I have all these sunnies myself so I am hand selecting my favorites for you babes!

  1. Bvlgari Women’s Aqua Green Azure Cat Eye Sunglasses –  I adore these ones. They look so chic and match just about everything. They are so worth the investment! I wear them while traveling, buying groceries, or going to events – basically doing anything and everything life throws at me :).
  2. Quay High Tea in Orange –  As much as I love splurging on sunnies, who doesn’t love a good steal?!  These Quay Sunnies are less than 60 bucks and are so perfect for summer. In general, I love this brand because they make such adorable sunnies and incorporate bright colors which are so fun!
  3. Converse Eyewear – Sunnies Tortoise – You guys…how wild are these! For hot summer months, when you’re chilling out on roof top bars or heading to a beach day with your girlfriends, these are such a must have. They are also more affordable at less than 60 bucks.
  4. Dior Sunglasses – These are amazing. They work so well with my face shape and add a bit of sophistication to my look. Definitely have to be on my list of must have sunnies!
  5. Celine Sunglasses –  You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of black sunnies. Just how anything black looks great, these are the same way. The frames are gorgeous and really redefine your entire look.

Alright babes! I can choose 100 more sunnies I regularly drool over but this is it for today’s post. I hope you found it helpful and let me know what your favorite types of sunnies are? I love hearing from you.