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Hi Loves!

Moving is always everyone’s biggest nightmare – packing, cleaning your old place, deciding what stuff to take and leave, and just the exhaustion of it all! I am not a fan of moving but it is definitely worth it and exciting at the same time. I knew in advance I wanted my parents to come help me with my move, but I also wanted to take the help of professionals. My stuff was everywhere, and I was honestly going insane.

I want to talk a bit about my moving process with you guys. Its always difficult to do the entire move on your own, thats why I spent weeks researching a company I could trust with helping me move all my stuff.

I discovered  North Star Moving and called them for help.  Their website was so easy to use and they offer numerous services other than just moving. When I spoke to them on the phone, they were helpful from day one and making sure they noted every detail about my move.

They are a full service moving company based in LA and have a lot of customized options for your move. They really make it a personalized experience and take the stress off your hands.

They were super helpful and had the move done in a timely manner. They made sure every detail was up to par and went above and beyond to make it a less stressful experience for me.

They provided the moving boxes which was also great! The boxes were huge and it made it simpler for sure because we could use less boxes and fit more stuff. It was very time efficient and made sense. I also liked how everyone was friendly and willing to accommodate any of our requests.

I highly recommend using North Star Moving. I had such a fabulous move all because of their services. I will definitely be using them again and had a super positive experience!

If you are looking for help with your next move, be  sure to check out North Star Moving. They are reasonable, timely with everything, and great to work with! Hope this blog post helps and let me know if you have any questions.