Hey Babes!
I feel like oral hygiene is one of those things that easily gets unnoticed. I always see people talk about their morning and night time routines – but it usually about skin care and we cannot forget about our beloved TEETH!

Why do I care so much about teeth?

Well I was raised in a dentist household, and my mom was always telling me to brush 3 times a day, stay away from candy, and make sure I floss every night. Thanks to her, I have always taken great care of my smile and its actually one of the most common questions I get from my readers!

I initially discovered Coco Floss a few years ago from my mom. She said she knew about this super cool floss, that came in interesting flavors and gave me some to try out.

I have been a loyal fan ever since and I use it every night. Flossing never feels like a chore anymore, its something I look forward to , thanks to Coco Floss.

So what exactly is Coco Floss?

Well its a soft textured dental floss that comes in the cutest colored packaging and refreshes your smile. Its also cruelty free, vegan, and paraben free which I LOVE.

Some of its benefits include whitening the teeth, soothing (so it won’t be harsh on your gums), freshening your breathe, and cleansing the teeth.

It was designed by a dentist – so its totally a legit product and its made of strong filaments that leave the surface of your teeth super clean. Its not like normal floss thats a pain to use, and is always slipping and sliding- trust me, it truly works .

You can buy their amazing products here in individual packs. 

I hope you guys love this product as much as I do :) Let me know your thoughts – and be honest – do you floss every night? No judgement, lol! 



Thank you to Coco Floss (a brand I genuinely love) for sponsoring this post and thank you for supporting brands that make Saffron on Rose a reality.