Hi Everyone!
I am about to revolutionize every fashionista’s life today! Rocksbox is a service I found out about recently, and I’m already addicted. Rocksbox is a personalized jewelry box that is delivered to your doorstop every month. It is amazing because you can request pieces beforehand and mention what you like to your stylist. In addition, you can renew the box as many times as you want in a month. If you choose to purchase one of these top designer jewelry pieces, you also get a Rocksbox member discount. That’s why I would say that Rocksbox is like the Netflix of fashionistas! I recommend Rockbox because you can always have added variety in your jewelry pieces so each of your outfits is unique.

alisha_rocksbox1 alisha_rocksbox3 alisha_rocksbox2

I’m wearing one of my favorite pieces in this post – It’s a Perry Street Jane Necklace with a beautiful blue color. This necklace can be worn on top of a casual look to give it some glam, or its perfect for a night out too! I love this piece because its so versatile and catchy.

I’m also treating my amazing followers/readers to a free month of Rocksbox!

Make sure to use code “alishatxoxo” at checkout on rocksbox.com and let the fun begin!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely week everyone.