Hi Babes!

While pretty clothes and aesthetically pleasing cafes might be common place on my blog, I care about important issues and I always yearn to bring them to the forefront. If you follow me on twitter, snapchat (bruinlovexo), or instagram stories, you know what I mean!

Anyway, today I wanted to do something different and discuss a topic very close to my heart. It is about ending girl on girl hate.

I totally understand that a bit of competition is natural and healthy for survival, but when things get out of hand we harm ourselves and others. It becomes toxic and no longer constructive. It truly hurts me when I think about the number of times girls are so mean to one another and do not want to see each other succeed.

The media is definitely part of the problem too. We can notice that on tabloids it is a common trend to pit women against each other. But that does not mean its right and should be acceptable!

Such behavior must be condemned.  I understand, I cannot stop girl on girl hate even if I wanted to (which I do!) but every little positive change is a step in the right direction. It starts with YOU! Next time your friend gets that job, be genuinely happy for her. Do not see it as an opportunity to up her or do better.

As females, we should empower one another and focus on bringing each other up. We should work together and try to accomplish our greatest goals. We should not treat our fellow females as enemies, and assume all other females have ill intentions towards us. We should be like sisters, and pillars of support to one another.

Trust me, I have struggled with this issue myself and I always thought I wanted to be better than my best friend. And not because I hated her or because I am evil, but just because I wanted to prioritize my own successes and be on the top.

But the truth is, we must better ourselves and not compare ourselves to one another.  After all, we all have different goals and aspirations, we can fulfill  much more being united as a team.  Kindness and genuine interaction is truly the key.  We need more collaboration and less competition for all of us to be successful.

These are my two cents on this topic. Please feel free to comment and message me, I would love to hear yours!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and let me know if you want me to cover more topics like this.